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The thesis is the final phase of a research process, and many of the delays in writing a thesis originate in an inadequate understanding of the different phases of this process. Many times, the biggest obstacle comes from writing a thesis is not complicated if you start the process with clarity about each of the steps to follow and how they relate to the final goal.

This course deals with each of the phases of the research process that culminates with a thesis. Although the tips and examples will be abundant, magic formulas, shortcuts or ways to finish writing in a given period of time are not provided. Rather, we will show that each chapter of the thesis corresponds to a logical sequence of a general argument, the one defended in your thesis. The knowledge of each one of the components of that sequence allows properly planning activities, minimizing improvisation and avoiding both dead ends and the dependence on states as elusive as "inspiration".

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Starts on: Jun 33d
Finishes on: Jun 7th
Schedule: 17:00 to 20:00
Language: Taught in Spanish
Teacher: Rodrigo Salazar
Full Price in pesos: $ 6,500.00 MXN
Full Price in dollars: 335.74 USD
Students Fee in pesos: $ 5,000.00 MXN
Students Fee in dollars: 260 USD


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