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Irma Méndez de Hoyos


Irma Méndez de Hoyos is a full-time research and professor at FLACSO Mexico and head of the Mexican Association of Political Sciences National Council Political Sciences Studies and Methods. She completed a BA in Public Administration and Political Science; a MA in Public Policy at the University of London, Queen Mary and Westfield College in the UK; and a PhD in Government from the University of Essex, UK. She teaches on political parties and elections in Mexico and Latin America, as well as comparative public policy and Social Sciences at FLACSO Mexico since 2003. Dr. Méndez de Hoyos also teaches at the Research Center and Teaching in Economics (CIDE), the Autonomous Metropolitan University, UAM, and the National Autonomous University of Mexico, UNAM. She is a regular instructor at several management electoral bodies in both federal and local level. Recently she was a Visiting Professor at the University of Oxford and the University of Essex in the UK.

Irma is a member of the Mexican Society of Electoral Studies (SOMEE), the Latin American Studies Association (LASA), the Latin American Association of Political Science (ALACIP), the American Political Studies Association (APSA) and the International Political Science Association, IPSA. She belongs to the National System of Researchers Level I.

Her research interests include

  • Democracy Quality in Mexico
  • Elections Quality
  • Electoral malpractice
  • Electoral behavior
  • Politics and public policy in Mexico and Latin America
  • Parties and party systems in Mexico and Latin America

imende@flacso.edu.mx 52 55 30 00 02 00 ext: 260

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