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What Course Should I Choose?

The Summer School courses offer is designed to include the methodological knowledge that nowadays is considered essential in the social sciences. When deciding in which course to get enrolled you must take into consideration your knowledge level, your professional needs and the type of skills you would like to strengthen.

Modern Regression Analysis is an appropriate course to start with Quantitative methods study. The regression analysis is the starting point for many of the most advanced techniques. In Quantitative Methods for Public Policy Analysis we will review the different appropriate techniques for causal effect, used in both the analysis of empirical evidence in the academic field and for the assessment of the public policies success. Qualitative Comparative (QCA) and Case Study Research reviews the logic of comparative analysis, with special emphasis on the "Qualitative Comparative Analysis" (QCA) especially suitable for the identification of complex causal configurations. Data Science consists in a training towards the growing demand of Big Data and technology skills. This course is perfect if you want to handle and analyze extremely large datasets using cutting edge tools and data analysis algorithms.