Restaurants and local attractions

There are lots of restaurants near Flacso Mexico.

The Summer School offers a prepaid meal service, but there will be other light options.

Restaurants Near Flacso Mexico

  • Mi gusto es (sea food) Periférico Sur 4609, Tlalpan Tel: 5171-0574 $120 a $250 mexican pesos each.
  • Crepes &Waffles (Tel. 5424-3613)
  • Barrio Tinto (Tel. 5424-2632)
  • Italiannis(Tel. 5424-4510)
  • Miyako (Tel. 5606-9599)
  • Sushi Itto (Tel. 5424-5214)
  • Perisur City Mall.Periférico Sur 4690, Ampliación Pedregal. $120 a $300 mexican pesos each.
  • Piantao Av. San Fernando 649 “i”CuicuilcoMall. Col.Peña Pobre, Tlalpan. Tel: 5424-0012 $250 a $400 mexican pesos each.
  • Carls Jr. Periférico Sur 4268, Jardines del Pedregal, Tlalpan. $70 a 120 mexicanpesos each.


Mexico City is one of the biggest cities in the world. It has a lot of tourist attractions.

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