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After the pre-registration process you will receive a username and a password.

Pre-registration does not imply that you are reserving a place in any of the courses available. You can pre-register even if you’re not completely sure that you will be part of IPSA-FLACSO Mexico Summer School 2018.


Paying the registration fee will confirm your slot at IPSA-FLACSO Mexico Summer School 2018. Please login with the username and password received in the pre-registration process.

In the registration page you can go through the fee payment process to complete your registration.


  • Visit our fees page
  • There are two types of payment methods: online or offline.
  • The deadline for early fees payment is March 15th, 2018.
  • The deadline for registrations and payment is May 4th.
  • You may apply only for up to two short courses.
  • You may apply only for one IPSA course, because they are simultaneous