Modern Regression Analysis

Prof. Guy Whitten, Texas A&M University
Prof. Laron K. Williams, University of Missouri

This course is designed to take students with a minimal background in statistics and mathematics and give them the tools they need to test their theories and produce presentations of their own results for top journals in Political Science, International Relations, Public Policy, and other related disciplines.

The course is divided in three parts. The first one involves a thorough presentation of the logic and the central assumptions underlying the multiple ordinary least squares regression model. The second part focuses on issues that researchers typically encounter as they attempt to test their theories in a regression framework. The third part focuses on application and extension of the concepts covered in the first two parts. The topics covered in the third part of the course will depend on student interests.

Students are encouraged to bring their own data sets so that they can get hands-on experience in implementing the techniques covered in class.

No other requirements are needed.

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