Bruno Cautrès

  • University
    Sciences PO Paris
  • Course
    Quantitative Methods for Public Policy Analysis
Course: Quantitative Methods for Public Policy Analysis

Bruno Cautrès is a researcher at CEVIPOF, the Center for Political Sciences Research (FNSP/CNRS) in France. He has been involved in different French and European studies on political participation (PartCom), and voting and elections (Panel électoral français de 2002). He has developed other areas which show the social and political rifts associated with Europe and European integration in the electorates and political opinion.

Bruno Cautrès teaches in Sciences Po political sociology and quantitative methods. He also teaches at the Ljubljana ECPR summer school in methods and techniques and at the IPSA summer schools in methods and techniques.

His research focuses on the analysis of political behavior and attitudes through the development of statistical and quantitative methods in political sociology.

His research interests include

  • Cantonal elections
  • Cleavages and political issues in Europe
  • European elections, European political parties
  • Legistalive elections
  • Methodology of Social Sciences
  • Methods of voting
  • Municipal and Regional Elections
  • Public Opinion

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