Rodrigo Salazar Elena

  • University
    Flacso México
  • Course
    Basic math for social sciences
Local Organizing Committee

Rodrigo Salazar is a full-time researcher and professor at Flacso Mexico and General Coordinator of the Masters in Government and Public Affairs. He has a masters degree in Social Sciences at FLACSO Mexico and a PhD in Political Sciences at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, UNAM. He teaches courses on political theory, political behavior, methods and social sciences methods and techniques.

His research interests are populism in Latin America, and the effects of presidential reelection on Government performance in Mexico and Latin America. He belongs to the National System of Researchers, level I.

His research interests include:

  • Methods and techniques in Social Sciences
  • Electoral behavior
  • Political economy
Contact 52 55 30 00 02 00 ext: 227

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