Georgina Flores Ivich

  • University
    Flacso México
  • Course
    Introduction to Data management/Social media analysis
Local Organizing Committee

Georgina Flores Ivich is a full-time researcher and professor at the International Faculty of Social Sciences in Mexico (Flacso Mexico). She teaches political communication, public opinion and quantitative methods. She has a master’s degree in Social Sciences at Flacso Mexico and she is currently studying a Ph.D in Political Science at the National Autonomous University of Mexico. She has participated in several applied research projects funded by USAID, RAND Corporation, Fundación Telefónica, INMUJERES and Flacso. Ms. Flores Ivich is currently working on a research project on the electoral and institutional effects of corruption scandals in Latin America.

Her research interests include:

  • Media and democracy
  • Freedom of the press and corruption
  • Data management/Social media analysis
  • Public opinion and electoral behavior